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                CYW - 76~500 LEVEL GAUGE SERIES

                (1) Introduction

                CYW-76 ~ 500 series liquid temperature sensor type level gauge is my company in the production YWZ-76 ~ 500 series, based on the reference to a new product development of advanced technical information. It is the use of a bimetal thermal expansion characteristics of a very high sensitivity to measure the oil temperature. This instrument has high accuracy, easy reading, strong seismic and other characteristics, can be widely used in various tanks, lubrication, cooling and gear box level liquid temperature measurement.


                (2) The main technical parameters

                1. measurement temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ 100 ℃

                2. the measured temperature scale value: 1 ℃ / cell

                3. measurement accuracy: 2.5

                4. under pressure: 0.15MPa

                5. the sensing tube is inserted medium length:> 90mm

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