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                LUCB Pushcart Filter Series


                LUC、 LUCA and LUCB series of pushcart filters are a special filtration device not only for filtering the oil flowing to a tank but also For filtering the oil in hydraulic ystem. These kinds of filters are made into good structure, easy using and long service life and also have high filtration low noise. As required you may choose different filter element from 3μm to 30μm filtration. They are also be used as a by-pass filter outside a hydraulic system.

                (7)USAGE  AND  MAINTENANCE

                1.Avoiding the possible counter rotation of the oil pump while starting the machine, otherwise it may lead to the out blown of the axle seal and entering of air.

                2.Air might be introduced into the machine during the operation and affect the oil flow. To ensure the rated flow and normal operation of the fine filter element, the discharge valve should be opened in time to release the air until oil can be seen at the outlet of the discharge valve, then close the discharge valve closed.
                3.After a certain period of peration, coarse cleaner could be gradually contaminated and noise of pump might occur, you should stop the machine in order to clean the filter element.
                4.Dirt might stick to the elements of fine filter, causing a rise of the pressure in the filter bowl. When the pressure hits 0.4MPa, the elements should be the changed in time.
                5.The suction and oil outlet tube should always be kept clean.
                6.Should the pushcart filter fail to pump oil, please check: 

                  a. The rotating direction of the pump;
                  b. Whether the sealings between the tank and oil inlet are properly; the oil inlet is above the oil surface or oil runs out;
                  c. If the elements of rough filter are stuck.
                7.If the oil flow distinctly reduced, please check:
                  a. Whether the elements of rough and fine filters are stuck with filth.
                  b. Whether an out blown of the axle seal has occurred due to wear or counter rotation.
                8.If a sudden pressure drop occurs, please check whether the elements of fine filter have been damaged.

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