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              Filter Series
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                (1) Introduction

                NJU series box inside the outer product type oil filter, with easy access, clean or replace the filter easily, easy to achieve closure of the tank, and a combination of the flange, the bypass valve, contaminated sediment cup, plug the sender and other devices. This product has been a lot of scientific research units technical examination, proved by hundreds of OEMs supporting bulk use, the effect is very good, and the national Patent Office utility model patent certificate.


                (2) technical performance

                1. easy installation and connection: This filter can be installed in the top or side of the tank cover, the filter filter head exposed to the fuel tank, the suction tube is inserted into the oil from the tank top or side, the oil port and connected to the pump suction port, 25 ~ 160 L / min with a combination of standard flanges, connection height can be adjusted up and down, in order to achieve the fuel tank completely closed, to further prevent contaminants from entering the tank.

                2. easy to clean or replace the filter: When the filter needs cleaning or replacement, you can easily open the filter cover, remove the filter and contamination accompanying cup for cleaning or replacement, cleaning or replacement and then into, installed cover it It can be put into use.

                3. with bypass valve: When the filter is clogged contaminants to the oil port vacuum degree of 0.018MPa, the sender will send a signal, should be replaced or cleaned filter. If this case can not immediately shut down or unmanned to replace the filter, located in the upper portion of the oil filter bypass valve will automatically open (opening pressure: vacuum 0.02MPa), waited in vain to avoid the suction pump failure occurs.

                4. with filter blockage sender: The sender filter is mounted on the bonnet, when the gradually clog the filter can be observed from the sender visual mirror to export the degree of vacuum and contamination of the filter, while electrical connection can be the sender (sender values: vacuum 0.018MPa).

                5. with the contamination cup: the working medium flowing through the filter cavity in which precision cartridge filter pollutants exceed the barrier in the filter chamber and the contamination concentrated in the cup. Clean or replace the filter when needed. Contamination cup with filter band went out, filter out pollutants will not occur due to replace the filter so that pollutants fall into the tank again phenomenon.

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