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              Add: Ouhai District, Wenzhou District, District, the town of Pan Bridge, No.

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              Wenzhou Jia Ding hydraulic accessories factory is specialized in producing hydraulic accessories business, the enterprise has strong technical force, scientific management and advanced testing equipment, reliable quality assurance system. The company mainly produces all kinds of hydraulic filters, low, medium, high pressure hydraulic filters, hydraulic air filters, liquid level controller, liquid level liquid thermometer, filter oil vehicle, pressure gauge switches, combination seals, micro-test pressure hose and other products and complete sets of hydraulic system design and manufacturing, and according to user requirements design and manufacture various types of non-standard products, metallurgy, petroleum, mining, engineering, construction presses, chemical industry, hydraulic equipment Constitution of accessory products, allowing users to get high quality products. We have "first-class brand, first-class reputation, first-class service" for business purposes, with exquisite techniques, perfect testing facilities, through quality products, sincere service for our customers!


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